Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

A representative from Novocure is coming tomorrow morning to get mom started on Optune.

One of the instructions for patients before the visit? You have to get rid of that hair on your head. So we did.

I asked mom earlier to hold off on cutting her hair so that I could take pictures of the entire process, but she went ahead and cut it anyway. I’d tell you here that impatience is a side effect of the medications she’s taking, but impatience has been a characteristic of hers for as long as I can remember.

She still had stubble in a few areas, so I brought over my Panasonic electric shaver and we got her scalp smooth to the touch. Mom already had a large bald spot on her right side due to radiation. I went over the remaining sides at least a dozen times to make sure it was perfect. I’ve cut my own hair for years, and have occasionally cut the hair of my friends, but shaving my mom’s hair? Something I never thought I’d do.

She’s not a bad-looking baldie.

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