Wiggin’ Out

Lookin’ good doesn’t come cheap.

The picture above is of my mom and me at a local wig shop where every synthetic wig—including the ones I have on in these pictures—went for no less than $200. I’m not one to question the expertise that goes into crafting a wig, but hey, I’m not paying that much for a wig even if it came off of Trump’s head.

So we visited the American Cancer Society’s Long Beach office to try one of the free wigs they offer cancer patients. The process was a breeze to set up: Ronda, one of the nurses from my mom’s insurance company, mentioned the program to me a few weeks back. I gave ACS a call a few days ago and we set an appointment for a fitting. It was only a 20-minute drive from Torrance, and we were out of there in just about the same amount of time—with a free wig in hand that looked remarkably similar to the $200 one above. Also, it was made of real hair, if you happen to be into that kind of thing.

After seeing my mom go from flowing locks to shoulder-length chopped hair, to being bald on one side thanks to radiation, to completely bald, the wig is comforting and familiar. From the right angle, for however long the moment lasts, things feel normal again. My mom was the most excited I’ve seen her in months. “I’m sexy, baby!” she said as she looked at her reflection in store windows.

Today was a win. There haven’t been many times I’ve been able to say that recently.

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