I’m Jason — a writer, photographer and creator based in California. I have a passion for storytelling and design and strive to bring them together.

My work has been featured in PeopleComplex, AJ+, Merry Jane, and other outlets. They’ve explored topics such as triumph, perseverance, physical and mental health, sports, technology, and the human condition, reaching an audience of millions both online and in print.

As I’ve written about in my blog, I was the caretaker for my mother, Cat, for the four years she battled brain cancer (glioblastoma). She was diagnosed in October 2015 and died on September 4, 2019, which is my birthday.

I grew up in the South Bay area of Los Angeles, where I still live today. I’m also a graduate of UC Berkeley, where I earned my B.A. in English, and of Columbia University, where I finished my master’s in journalism.

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