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“When Breath Becomes Air”

Reading this while sitting next to mom as she gets her latest round of immunotherapy for her brain tumor.

“When Breath Becomes Air” is written by Paul Kalanithi, who was completing his training to become a neurosurgeon when he was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer in 2013. The memoir chronicles his life and his experience after the diagnosis, and I bought this for my mom shortly after she was diagnosed in 2015.

She didn’t read much of it, she instead read “Life of Pi” and some James Patterson books, so I recently decided to read it for myself… and I’m going to keep using the bookmark of hers I found inside.

Esquire, 1968

A look at the 1968 35th Anniversary issue of Esquire, which features a look at the major assassinations of the generation. One great addition to my collection.

The State of the American Dog

I recommend everyone, especially pet lovers, pick up this month’s issue of Esquire and check out Tom Junod’s piece, “The State of the American Dog.”

“A House on the River”

“A House on the River,” a great read in this month’s Esquire about how a man rebuilt his life after his family was murdered.

Should This Have Been Published?

Cover of the New York Post. This man was pushed onto the tracks yesterday after arguing with another man. He was declared dead at the hospital.

Is this a compelling cover, or irresponsible?

Inside and Outside

One for the thing beating inside your chest.

Robert Hass

Nice seeing a book by my old Berkeley poetry professor Robert Hass in the Columbia bookstore.

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